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Large screen display

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Deep streamerLiquid Tianhe

Functional features:

Programme Scene

IMG high score visual display and control platform is widely used in the visual construction of industrial data centers such as smart city, smart transportation, smart energy, smart security. smart network, smart Park, smart party construction, etc. providing ultra-high definition display and control of various business data aggregation integrated analysis dynamic monitoring, threshold warning, visual operation providing real-time, intuitive, accurate data center Real intelligent display platform.

Function Application

Train with the coach

Full screen recording of live training

Contains more than 15,000 real-life recording screens from well-known attractions around the world

The exercise route has various forms, follow the fitness coach to appreciate the exotic customs

Follow the geographic changes of the video scene

Automatic control of resistance and slope

Fit. COACH can simulate the actual geographic characteristics of the route in the video

Automatic control of the resistance and slope of the elliptical machine

Rich training courses

Never do boring exercises again. Our world-renowned coaches provide pertinent exercise classes including yoga and full-body jokes

Cross-training options provide you with unlimited diversity.

Guide you through each exercise

 automatically adjust the settings of the machine

 inspire you to keep going

22" high-definition color touch screen

The full-color intelligent high-definition touch screen brings you an excellent exercise experience. Cooperate with iit. Coach to take you to the gym, Greek streets or beautiful Thai beaches, and exercise with professional fitness coaches